Our clients love our work

Bruce Taylor has a keen cinematic eye, which adds immeasurable production value to our long format HBO documentary. That he has an energetic team spirit makes on location shooting feel like what filmmaking should be about (and rarely is).

Kate Davis - Producer/Director, HBO

Bruce Taylor greatly enhanced the look and feel of ESPN’s SportsCentury, contributing to a product that ultimately garnered an Emmy and Peabody Award. Taylor is among a handful of cameramen that share such vision, exactitude and taste.

Mark Shapiro - Executive VP, Production and Programming - ESPN

Hiring Bruce Taylor is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. He’s an exceptional DP with an impressive network of A-list resources all over the Northeast. There isn’t a type of project that he can’t handle from high-end multi-cam interviews to live shots and no matter how busy he may be, Bruce will always find a way to help you out.

Scott Lembke - Director of Production Operations, FOX Sports

TaylorVision has been one of the constants in my career – from our first meeting at Super Bowl XXXIII for FOX SPORTS in Miami, to now at DIRECTV. Simply put – he is one of the best. You will not find an easier person to work with.  He has a constant “can do” attitude and more importantly, he’s a good person.  On my long list of things to do in a given day, once I get BT involved I can move on to the next item.  He is a colleague, a trusted resource, and more importantly – a friend. 

John Ward - Senior Vice President, Content Operations. AT&T Entertainment Group

Hey!!! I’ve been meaning to text you! I wanted to tell you that the interview looked the best that I’d ever seen! Perfect lighting and angles! I’ll text you the two links.

Stephanie Bauer - Reporter/Host, Access Hollywood

Bruce Taylor is excellent. We’d send him to Hollywood!

John Entz - Producer, American Idol

Every now and again you get to work with somebody in this industry who excels in their field. BT is professional, pleasant and makes certain that all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed before you ever go out on the shoot. He makes the assignments fun and you never have to worry about any unforseen issues. There are a very few people who I would speak this highly about and thus that is what puts Taylorvision on the top of my list.

Michael Konner - Coordinating Producer, MLB Network

As a producer there is no better sight than a familiar face on your crew.  Each time we go to the Northeast and I see Bruce Taylor and Taylorvision on my call sheet I am instantly met with a sense of relief.  I know that his group will create a seamless production that generates the perfect picture.

David Goldstein - Producer, NFL Network

I’ve known Bruce for nearly 35 years, and have worked closely with him on many projects. His creativity, attention to detail, and professional standards are unsurpassed.

Bob Ley - Host of the Emmy award-winning "Outside the Lines”, ESPN

We discovered Bruce Taylor at the start of the 2004 NFL season. Since then Bruce has become a fixture on the CBS Sports “go to” list. From the stylized interview to the run and gun sideline shots, he can handle it all. With a personality that calms even the most nervous of producers. He’s the man. I recommend him highly…but only when we’re not using him.

Bob Mincieli - Director of Broadcast Operations, CBS Sports

Bruce Taylor’s passion, attention to detail and experience is unique amongst the country’s leading photojournalists. Through his 20-plus years in the field he has seen it all, and thus has translated that vision through his lens with a superior eye. His ability to chronicle stories and capture events is better than anyone I’ve ever worked with. He is a remarkable asset to any production team.

Dan Weinberg - Coordinating Producer, ESPN Classic SportsCentury

When ESPN Classic starting shooting in HD, Bruce Taylor was one of the first to take the show to the next level…the feedback he provided helped the staff to become more creative with our pieces. When ESPN began the show we call E:60, Bruce was made a part of that as well. It just makes sense to keep good people on good projects!

Sue Friedmann - Production Manager, ESPN E:60

I first worked with Bruce on various sporting events (for NBC). Since that time I’ve worked with Bruce and his team on other projects ranging from fitness videos to sit-down interviews. I was really impressed when he worked on various women’s lifestyle content (for Lifetime). He didn’t skip a beat. He brought a professionalism and creativity that is unmatched.

Harriet Ells - Producer

Bruce is a true professional, his dedication to detail shows where it matters the most, on tape. He has been a key factor in two of our award winning promotional campaigns.

Albert Colon - Producer, ESPN International Promotions

Bruce is not only the most talented cameraman I’ve ever worked with, he’s also fun! He has a strong work ethic combined with a great sense of humor. The clients really like him and he keeps a smile on my face. That makes the day go by more quickly and pleasantly for everyone!

Janice Arpia Englehart - Producer, HGTV

I’ll be honest. I have a real problem working with Bruce Taylor and TaylorVision. It makes working with any other crew impossible. If Bruce can be on time, on budget and in complete control of the situation, then I start expecting everyone to be that way.

Trey Wingo - SportsCenter/Anchor, ESPN

Bruce Taylor is one of the most innovative Directors of Photography I have ever worked with. We’ve collaborated on award winning programming such as Sportscenter, NFL Gameday and SportsCentury. As producer of “Outside the Lines: Muhammad Ali: Still the Greatest,” the 1995 Ace Award winner for best Sports Information Special, I worked with several crews. Not only was BT my DP of choice, he was also The Champ’s favorite as well. His professionalism and dedication to excellence have enhanced all of my projects.

Craig Mortali - Producer, ESPN

If you need a top notch cameraman, Bruce is your man. One of the best and most experienced in the business, he’s totally dedicated and his shooting is of the highest quality…He possesses wonderful people skills, he’s a terrific guy and a lot of fun to work with. He’s the kind of guy you want in the fox hole with you.

John Whaley - Features Producer, Sportsnet Canada

TaylorVision is the creative vision of Bruce Taylor. He has a special mastery of creating images to tell any story in a compelling manner. Bruce combines an easy going personality with his artistic brilliance. It’s why we trust him to represent us on his own.

Joe Schreiber - Senior Producer, The George Michael Sports Machine, NBC

Bruce Taylor and his crew were amazing. Talented, fun and nice. If they lived here (California) we would use them a lot!

Dena Levy - Producer/Director/Writer

Bruce adds a cinematic touch to my pieces. So often, television visuals are flat and predictable-not so with Bruce-his approach is meticulous–yielding a lovely depth.

Andy Lockett, Feature Producer, ESPN

I have had the privilege of working with Bruce for nearly ten years. He’s been my DP on features for such events as the Tour de France, the Professional Bull Riders Tour, Global Extremes – Mt. Everest and the America’s Cup and owe much my finest work to him. He is not just a good shooter, he brings ideas to the table and looks to enhance the entire project from start to finish. I would not be where I am today without his help, his advice and his hard work.

Matthew Vinick - Producer, Vinick Productions

I’ve known Bruce Taylor since the very early days of ESPN.  He has not only been a colleague for more than 35 years, he’s also been a trusted family friend.  He’s the best DP around and also the most fun to be with.

Chris Berman - Sportscaster, ESPN/ABC