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The TaylorVision Team

  Our experience is hard to match




Bruce Taylor is an Emmy Award-winning Director of photography who has contributed in large part to many award-winning productions.  His work on HBO’s Real Sports, ESPN’s Sports Century, and Outside the Lines are among them.  After spending time with Muhammad Ali and his family in his Michigan home and traveling with them on the road, BT also received a Cable ACE Award as the DP on Craig Mortali’s documentary titled, Ali, Still the Greatest.  Taylor’s work has also garnered acclaim at the New York Film Festival, Telly, and Peabody Awards.  With 40 years in the network television industry, his experience is hard to match.  He has literally traveled around the world and throughout all 50 United States.


John "Kosmo” Kosmaczewski is an Emmy

Award-winning network film and television veteran.  LIVE shows such as the Tony Awards, MTV Music Awards, Super Bowls, and The Metropolitan Opera, along with countless documentaries, features, music videos, and commercials have all contributed to his reputation a being one of the finest jib operators in the country.  Bruce Taylor and Kosmo have been working together since their college days at Quinnipiac University. In fact, they were roommates. He’s an extremely valuable and trusted resource.   He also happens to be an avid fly fisherman and loves tricking fish with fake food.

Tom Fahey 

Tom is one of New England’s most experienced DP's.  His work is seen regularly on some of America’s highest profile news and reality-based programs such as 60 Minutes, CBS Sunday Morning, HBO Real Sports, and Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. Tom has served as principal DP on numerous PBS documentaries and worked extensively with corporate producers and international news agencies. In 1998, 2013, and 2017, Tom received national EMMYs for his work on 60 Minutes feature stories. Other programs he has shot have won national awards including a Peabody and Cine Golden Eagle. Tom brings important intangibles to shoots: confident, engaged professionalism. He understands that producers prefer to collaborate with DPs they trust and with whom they feel at ease.

Mark Devin

To Mark, lighting is not just a skill, it’s a art.  It’s also his passion.  Whether lighting commercials, portrait style for CEO's of fortune 100 companies, multi-camera feature interviews with sports legends or leaders of the free world, Mark is always evolving and innovating as newer tools become available. With over 35 years in broadcast, corporate, sports and film production, Mark is highly skilled in the operation of all of our digital cinema camera systems as well as old school Arri 16 and 35mm film cameras.  In his down time, Mark is a coffee snob, a craft beer afficiando and mean harmonica player in the band Johnny Six Gun.

Shane bronson 

Shane Bronson has been working with TaylorVision since 2009 and has proven himself to be a highly valued team member during that time.  Shane has recorded sound on everything ranging from interviews with Bill Clinton, James Earl Jones, Tom Brady, Prime Minister Tony Blair and Disney legend Pat Carroll, to live broadcasts for FOX Sports, ESPN, The National Football League, Major League Baseball, The National Hockey League and countless others. He also graduated from Quinnipiac University and later went on to NYU for post-grad in film studies. He an avid (rabid) Arsenal soccer fan and is on the top of our list as the ultimate party guest.  He has an addiction to bacon and can guess and quote lines from every movie ever made.

Nick Taylor 

Nick heads our Los Angeles team.  He began shooting extreme skating videos after getting hooked at the very first X-Games in RI as a kid in 1995. After graduating from Quinnipiac University, he parlayed his talent into an internship at ESPN shooting for their internal communications department.  Soon after, he proved his abilities to the folks at DirecTV and was hired to work with Hall of Fame sportscaster Dan Patrick on the Dan Patrick Show.  Five years later he moved to LA where he further honed his skills on The Rich Eisen Show and other content for DirecTV, AT&T and FOX Sports. Nick works with all kinds of cameras from the RED Helium and Sony Venice, to the new mirrorless cameras that are gaining a huge foothold on video acquisition..

Lisa has been working with BT since 1990 beginning with their time together at ESPN.  Lisa is an Emmy Award-winning producer and director with over 30 years of experience in live TV, feature and documentary production, field producing, writing, and reporting.  As the first producer to take ESPN’s College GameDay on the road for an entire season, Lisa has produced hundreds of hours of sports programming in addition to her other credits, ranging from a live panel discussion on stem cell research to the Miss Universe pageant to Table Manners, an irreverent talk show featuring guests from the entertainment industry.  Lisa has also produced features for the Olympic Games, biographies for the A&E Television networks, and marketing, sales, and internal corporate videos for a diverse clientele including Estee Lauder, SAP, and Cigna.  Lisa has a Master's Degree in Journalism from Columbia University. 

Lisa Edwards 
Adam Swanson

After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, Adam followed several creative endeavors to a career in production. Over ten years later his work has taken him from his New England base all the way to Tasmania and back. He has a diverse resume spanning many areas of production for TV and the web.  From sound supervising full seasons of television shows to working in the field on around the clock coverage of live national news with all of the major networks. High-end production has allowed him to work on projects with multiple Presidents, pinnacles of industry, and A list celebrities. He has been thrilled to have a love of sports spill into his work.  Field producing interviews with sports superstars, working multiple national championships, and contributing to over five years of football coverage with the NFL network. 

Jim Purchase

Jim is a man of very few words as you can tell from this bio.  Not one to toot his own horn, he has an amazing eye for quality lighting and ways to create top-notch solutions in a variety of challenging conditions.  He has the absolute respect of everyone on set.

Jeremy Bond 

Jeremy started his production career in 2005 building state of the art production trucks used for NFL Super Bowl, MLB World Series, NASCAR, U.S. Open Golf, and FIS World Ski Championship coverage.  Five years later, in 2010 he re-directed his focus and began concentrating on robotic technology to help bring a new dimension to the world of film and television production.  Steadicams soon gave way to a new approach that took advantage of three axis gimbals which revolutionized how many artistic shots were conceived and ultimately executed. Jeremy was on the forefront of that revolution as well.  He can even fly them in countess configurations on the most amazing drones..  Bond.. Jeremy Bond is about the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.  We know you’ll agree.  

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