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We work with a variety of lenses that are capable of covering full-frame sensors.  If your project requires any other spherical or anamorphic glass, no problem, we'll have it. 


Canon CN-E Cine Primes

14 mm - T/3.1 PL Mount

24 mm - T/1.3 PL Mount

35 mm - T/1.3 PL Mount

50 mm - T/1.3 PL Mount

85 mm - T/1.3 PL Mount

135mm  T/2.2 PL Mount

Canon FD Vintage Primes

24 mm f/2.0 nFD (s.s.c. coated)

35 mm f/2.0 FD concave s.s.c.

55 mm f/1.2 FD s.s.c

85 mm f/1.2 nFD  (s.s.c coated)

100 mm f/2.8 s.s.c

PL Mount zoom lenses

Fujinon 20-120 mm T/3.1

RED 17-50 mm T/2.9

Tokina 11-16 mm T/2.9

Other Vintage Primes

Carl Zeiss 300 mm T/2.9

Meyer-Gorlitz 180mm T/3.4

Specialty Lenses PL Mount

Venus Laowa 24 mm Probe

Vintage lenses are making a resurgence in modern-day film and video production, perhaps none more so than Canon FD s.s.c. vintage primes.  We assembled a mint "dream set" of our own.  For more about these gems, visit

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